Complies to the regulations of the Ontario Building Act and the local government. Buying homes built by a large-scale builder will give you what’s called a cookie cutter home. Meaning the same is, more or less, found in the entire neighborhood with slight variations in finishes. However, if you are someone who truly loves where you live, a custom home gives you the uniqueness and comfort of having a place catered to you, complete with personalized finishing.


We are a visionary custom home building company, helping you transform your home according to your requirements. We have always been innovative with our construction services, bringing you a plethora of opportunities to modify the premises that complies to the regulations of the Department of Communities and the Local Government.

When customizing the design, you get the credit for the entire project yourself. Even if you are not a designer, our construction specialists will provide the most appropriate designs, solely on the basis of your interests. You will choose the most appealing one from all the exciting design options and the imaginative choices. The rest will be taken care of by our professional staff.


We have a versatile service for building custom homes. Either you just want to add a few rooms, or to completely start new, you won’t find anyone more compliant and practical than Patsan Homes.